It’s been a few months since we released our last update, but we finally released version 1.5.0 of the Best Farrier app.

While we only have a couple of changes for you, the farrier, we had to do a bit of work under the hood to keep Google happy, by updating the in-app purchase libraries to their newest version on the Android version of the app. I know, boring stuff that nobody cares about 😄 but it was needed so people could keep subscribing using the app.

If you haven’t updated yet, you can use the buttons below to get the new version if you’re reading this on your phone. Otherwise, the app should ask you to update it soon.

So, what’s new?

Know when an appointment has been duplicated

Some farriers like to schedule future appointments by duplicating existing ones, and if you’re doing a bunch of them at once at home, you may get a little lost figuring out which appointments you already duplicated. So now the app puts a little copy icon (⧉) on appointments that were duplicated when you’re looking at the schedule screen, so it’s easy to tell if you’re missing any. See below:

Duplicated appointment indicator

Some caveats:

The app marks the original appointment only if you use the “duplicate” menu option to create a copy and save it. If you don’t save the copy, the original appointment remains unchanged.

Also, you if change the new copy (removing or adding horses, for example) the original appointment is still marked — the icon indicates that the original appointment itself was copied at some point, even if the copy doesn’t have exactly the same horse list anymore (or even if it’s deleted).

In addition, appointments that were duplicated before this update won’t be marked (the app doesn’t know you did it). Only appointments you duplicate from now on will be marked.

Better handling of custom client price adjustments

Until now, if you used price adjustments for specific clients, when you entered custom invoice items and picked a service with an adjustment, the discount was calculated based on the current quantity and wouldn’t be recalculated if you changed the quantity. That was by design, but as one of our users brought to our attention, you probably expected it would… so we changed it.

Now, when you pick a service/product, if there is a price adjustments defined for the client, the app uses it and shows a notification (see screenshot below). If you change the quantity, the adjustment is recalculated. For example, if your client Joe has a $10 discount adjustment on trims, the app will show the adjustment as “-10” and let you know it is using it. But if you change the quantity to 2, the adjustment is now recalculated to show “-20”. See below:

Recalculating adjustment

Some important notes:

If you modify the adjustment manually (say, change it manually to -15, or 0 if you don’t want the discount this time) then the app will assume that’s the actual, total adjustment you want to use and will stop recalculating based on quantity (the notification below the adjustment will disappear).

When you edit an existing invoice item, the app doesn’t recalculate the adjustment automatically, even if you used the automatic adjustment when you entered the item in the first place, unless you change the service or product (see next note).

Lastly, if you change the service or product (either while still entering a new invoice item or editing an existing one), the adjustment gets reset to either the new client adjustment (if there is one) or blank, so keep that in mind.

And that is it for this version release. We’ll keep working on adding more features and should have some more new improvements soon. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know. And don’t forget our support area, where you can look up answers to most questions about the app.

If you are not yet a Best Farrier app subscriber, start your free trial now and start using Best Farrier to help manage your farrier business today.

Mauro Reis
Farrier and developer of the Best Farrier app

Photo by Jonathan Bean on Unsplash

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