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The services list

This page lists all the services available when creating invoices.

Services are the types of work you provide as a farrier. These include not only the basic shoeing and trimming work, but also extras like bar shoes or pads and even products you might sell, like hoof dressing for example.

Services list

Each service entry provides the app with:

  • A price for the service
  • A name and abbreviation for the service (the abbreviation is used on the schedule when listing previous services done on a horse, to save space on the screen)
  • If that service updates the date of the last visit for the horse it was assigned to, and thus its next due date (for example, you may not want a farm call to fix a shoe to change the next due date for a horse)
  • If it’s a service that repeats every visit (for example, when you trim a horse, it is likely that next time you service that horse, it will get a trim again)
  • If this is actually a product, as opposed to a service (for example, if you sell a bottle of hoof dressing to your client), which may affect how or if sales taxes are charged

These services, once defined in the settings, can be used when creating invoices. The app has a few pre-defined simple services that you can change and customize to reflect your own practice.

The top bar of the services list allows you to:

  • Go back to the Settings page
  • Switch the list between “active” and “inactive” services
  • Add a new service ()
  • Reorder the service list ()

Viewing a service’s details

To view a service’s details, just tap on the service entry on the list.

Service details

The top bar allows you to edit () or delete () the service (if allowed).

Tapping on toggles the status of the service between “active” and “inactive“. See “deleting a service“, below.

Adding or editing a service

To add a new service, tap  on the services list top bar. To edit a service, tap on an existing entry on the list to view its details, then tap on the top bar.

Service editing

For a description of the purpose of each field, see above, under the services list section.

Deleting a service or setting it as inactive

To delete a service, open its details and then tap  on the top bar.

If the icon is not present, that means that this service has been previously used in an invoice and so cannot be deleted. In this case, it can only be marked as “inactive“. This will prevent it from showing as an option when creating or editing invoices, but the type itself remains in the database for when older invoices need to be viewed or e-mailed.

To mark a service as “inactive“, view the service details and tap on to toggle its status.

Reordering the services list

By default, services are listed in the ordered they’re created, so newer services will always be at the end of the list. You can change the order to bring the services you use more frequently to the beginning of the list (for example, trimming and shoeing) by tapping  on the top bar of the services list.

Services list reordering

To change the order, tap and hold on the service you wish to move, then drag it to the desired position once it highlights. You can move past the top and bottom of the screen by dragging the service past its edges, so the list will scroll up or down.

You can move as many services as you want, one at a time as described above, and then tap “save order” on the top bar once you’re satisfied with the list order. Tapping “cancel” will discard all changes.

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