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Adding or editing an invoice

The invoice editing screen

You can add a new invoice by tapping on on the top bar of the invoice list page. To edit an existing invoice, tap the invoice on the invoice list to see its details, then tap on on the top bar.

Adding and editing work the same way. The only difference is that when adding an invoice, all the fields are empty, the date is set to today and the notes are set to the default, and when editing the fields are filled out with the existing invoice information.

Editing invoice

Each field has a description that tells you what it is, like “Contact”, or “Date”. Just tap on each field and add or change its contents. Some fields are list pickers, indicated by the on the right of the screen. Tapping on them will show you a list of values you can pick from. Others are checkboxes, or date pickers, which will open a calendar so you can pick the date.

Note that when you start a new invoice, the “Finalize invoice when saving” checkbox will be unchecked. That allows you to start an invoice and keep it open for a later date. If you want to finalize the invoice at this time, just make sure to check that box. When you edit an existing invoice, the box is checked automatically for you. If you want to keep the invoice open yet longer, make sure to uncheck it.

After you select a contact from the list, the app will display the “Services/Products” and “Sales Tax” sections.

In the “Services/Products” section, you will add the invoice line items, for all the services you perform or products you sell.

In the “Sales Tax” section you will manage the sales tax you collect, if any.

Adding or editing services and/or products

You can add line items to the invoice for each service you perform or product you sell (we’ll just call them “services” to make it simpler) by tapping one of the “Add” buttons under the “Services/Products” list. There are 3 buttons: “Add horse”, “Add service” and “Add custom” buttons.

Service buttons

The “Add horse” button

Tapping “Add horse” will open a screen where you can pick a single horse from the contact’s list and add multiple services to it. This will create multiple line items for that horse, one for each service selected.

Useful if you are creating an invoice and, for example, shod a horse in front and also added pads and calks to its shoes. You can enter all those 3 services at once.

Add horse

The “Add service” button

The “Add service” button will bring up a screen where you can pick up a single service and multiple horses to apply it too. This will create line items for multiple horses, each having that service assigned to it. Tap “save” when done.

This is a really fast way to add the same service for several horses, for example if you did 10 trims for a farm.

Add service

The “Add custom” button

The “Add custom” button brings up an entry screen for a single horse and service, that you can customize as you want. You pick one horse and one service, and then you can change quantity, price, or add an adjustment (discount or upcharge). Tap “save” when done.

Use this option when you want to change the base price or give a discount or add an extra cost on the spot just that one time, without having to edit your services or contact adjustments.

Add custom line

Editing or deleting an existing line item

To edit an existing line item, you can tap the at the right of the line you want to change. That will pop up a menu where you can choose to edit or delete that line.

Tapping “Edit” will open the “Add Custom” screen using the values of the line you selected.

Tapping “Delete” will remove that line item.

Adding or editing sales taxes

When you create a new invoice, sales taxes are automatically added based on your Sales Taxes list (you can find it in the Settings page). The app applies all sales taxed marked as “default” and keeps their values updated as you add or edit line items to the invoice.

Tax button

The contact address is displayed above the sales tax list as a reminder, so you can decide if you need to use their state/county sales taxes instead of your default sales taxes.

You can change the selected sales taxes (or even remove all of them from the invoice) by tapping the “Edit Tax” button at the bottom of the sales tax list. That will open up a page with a list of all your defined sales taxes. You can then check or uncheck any sales tax. Tap “Save” on the top bar when you’re done.

Editing taxes

When you have finished adding or editing the invoice

When you’re done with your changes, tap “save” on the top bar to save the invoice. If you don’t want to save anything and discard what you just did, just tap the back arrow on the top bar to go back to the invoice list.

If you checked the “Finalize invoice when saving” checkbox, the contact’s balance and horse histories will be updated. You can then enter payments and/or send the invoice to the contact using the  menu on the invoice detail page.

Otherwise the invoice will be saved as a draft. You can edit it later to add more line items, change sales taxes, or just mark it as finalized.

Using a contact’s account credit

When saving and finalizing and invoice, if the contact has a credit in their account, you will have the choice to use it towards paying the current invoice. If so, the credit will be used to its total amount, or the invoice’s total amount, whichever is lower.

If you chose to not use the credit at this point, you can still use it later when entering payments.

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