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Adding or editing a payment

Adding a new payment

You can add a new payment by either:

  • Tapping  on the top bar of the payment list page
  • Viewing an invoice’s detail, tapping  on the top bar and choosing “Payments

The new payment screen starts with today’s date and the default payment type (as defined on Settings/App Settings) initially selected.

Adding a payment

Each field has a description that tells you what it is, like “Contact”, or “Payment Type”. Just tap on each field and add or change its contents. Some fields are check boxes, some are list pickers, indicated by the  on the right of the screen, tapping on them will show you a list of values you can pick from, other fields are date pickers, which will open a calendar so you can pick the date.

Once you choose a contact from the list, you’ll see a list of all of their unpaid invoices, if any. Each invoice has a checkbox on its left which indicates if any money from this payment is being applied to it. You will also see the current balances, amount applied and new balance for each invoice, and the amounts still available and already applied to invoices for this payment.

Invoice list for new payment

Note: you can enter a payment even if a contact has no unpaid invoices. In that case, the payment would be added as a credit to the contact’s account, and will be available to be used when adding new invoices later.

If a contact has any available credit on their account, the app will provide an option to apply it to the invoices along with the payment amount.

How the payment amount is divided among invoices

As you type in the payment amount, the app distributes it among all the invoices, starting with the older (most due) invoice. If the amount is higher than the first invoice’s balance, the extra money is applied to the second invoice on the list, and so on.

Example below: we received a $100 payment, and had 2 unpaid invoices in the amounts of $79.70 and $53.00 (we swiped the screen up so we could see the invoices over the screen keyboard). The first invoice received $79.70, which paid it in full, and the exceeding $20.30 was applied to the second invoice, partially paying it. Note that the checkboxes for both invoices are checked, meaning they had money applied to them.

Applying payment amount

Changing how the payment amount is distributed

You can change the distribution of the payment among the invoices by checking and unchecking the boxes for each invoice. After typing up the payment amount, when you uncheck the box for an invoice, the amount applied to that invoice is returned to the total unapplied amount, and applied to any invoice still checked. Any excess is returned to the total available amount. You can then apply that available amount to a different invoice by checking that invoice’s box.

Example below: we receive a payment of $53, for invoice 1-0019, which is not the oldest invoice. The app, by default, will apply the payment to the oldest invoice first, so we’ll need to redistribute the money we received.

  1. Type in the amount, and the app will assign it to the first invoice on the list
  2. Uncheck the box for invoice 1-0011. The amount applied ($53) will be moved to the available total
  3. Check the box for invoice 1-0019, the want that was paid, and the available amount will be applied to it.

When you’re done, tap on “Save” on the top bar.

Payment amount distribution

By checking and unchecking boxes, you can quickly move payment amounts from one invoice to the other.

Note: you cannot check a box for an invoice if there is no Available amount. In this case, you need to first uncheck an invoice to move the applied amount to available, then check the other invoice’s box to transfer it.

Editing payments

To edit a payment, tap on a payment on the payment list page to view its details, then tap on  on the top bar.

When editing a payment, you are limited to only changing the payment’s basic info: date, payment type and details.

If for any reason you need to change the payment amount or how it was distributed among any invoices that it paid for, you cannot do it in the edit page. Instead, you need to first delete the payment (by tapping on the top bar of the payment detail page) so any amounts applied to invoices are removed. Then you can add the payment again from scratch with the correct amount and/or distribution.

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