How do I subscribe?
You can subscribe to Better Farrier by going to the shop page.
How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time by going to your Account page and clicking on the Subscriptions link.

What happens if I cancel my subscription? Can I still use the app?

Yes. Your data is yours, and even if you decide to stop subscribing, we don’t lock it away from you. After your last subscription period expires and you don’t renew, the app still works but you can no longer add or modify any of your data, which means you can still view all the information you have in there, print or e-mail reports and invoices, share horse history notes, etc. –but not enter new items or change anything. Renewing your subscription unlocks the full function of the app again.


About the app

How do I log in?

First, you need to have an account. Start by signing up for a free trial.

After you sign up, you’ll receive an e-mail with your username and password. If you lost or forgot them, you can click here to recover your password.

Start up the app and you’ll see a log in screen, just type in the username and password, and you’ll be logged in. You need to have an internet connection in order to log in because the app needs to talk to our server to retrieve some data.

I'm in. Where do I start?

We currently have a user guide you can reference, and will soon have video tutorials. Take a few minutes to go through the guides. It’s worth the time. In the meantime, you should start by learning how to navigate the app, and then setting up the app.

What do the different symbols/shapes mean?

We tried to be consistent when designing Best Farrier, so when you see something on the screen you always know what it does. This page on the user guide explains the iconography.

Can I use Best Farrier in [country]?

In principle, you can use the app anywhere as long as you’re aware that, right now, Best Farrier:

  • Is only available in American English
  • Uses US/Canada phone formatting
  • Uses ‘$’ as the currency symbol
  • Calculates sales taxes as they’re calculated in the US

There are currently a few settings that could help a little:

  • You can choose the date format between MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY
  • You can order your contacts by first or last name
  • You can set the first day of the week as Sunday or Monday

We do plan to add some internationalization functionality to the app — this is something high on our list priorities — but right now cannot promise a date, or even how comprehensive that would be. 

Why do my invoices start with "1-"? Can I change the initial invoice number?

The “1-” means you’re farrier number 1 on your subscription. This was necessary to allow for a future multi-farrier version, so people could move their invoices over and the invoice numbers wouldn’t have to change.

As far as changing the starting number, that’s not possible at the moment for the same reason. On the other hand, the new invoice numbering with the “1-” prefix lets you know those invoices are from the Best Farrier app, as opposed to invoices from any other app you used before, which can help during the transition.


I can't board a horse somewhere else, only at "Home"

This happens when you don’t have any contacts marked as “stables” (you can tell which ones are stables by the icon on the contact list). See here.

Why do I get a message saying "This account is in use on another device"?

You can be logged into only ONE device at a time. If you log into another device, the previous device will be deactivated whenever the app tries to backup to the cloud or does a status check (about every 15 minutes). Unfortunately, that means that any work you did on the previous device since the last cloud backup will be lost.

If you want to switch devices, you must FIRST log out of the one you’re using (use the More menu on the bottom bar), and THEN log into the new device. You will need to be connected to the internet so the previous device can backup your data and the new device can download it.

I'm having issues with the cloud backup

As long as the homepage doesn’t show an error message like this, the cloud backup should be running. If you see the message, look here for a possible solution.

If you’ve been using the app for a while and the backup isn’t being done (as shown on the cloud backup card on the homepage), there are a few reasons why this could happen.

  1. The app tries to look for changes on the database about every 15 minutes, but the actual time interval depends on permission from the device. On Android devices, usually this is pretty straightforward and the app can do it. If you have an iOS device, however, iOS will want to learn how you use the app before letting it execute on the background, so it may take up to a few of days before you see a regular 15 minute schedule happening. Just use the manual backup on the Settings page in the meantime if you want to make sure your work is saved.
  2. The app will not backup to the cloud while you’re using it. If you have the app on the screen when the 15 minute check happens, the app will instead reschedule it for the next time. If you leave the phone alone or switch to another app for a while, the backup should happen as expected.
  3. You might not have had internet connection when the app checked the database. If that happens the app will reschedule it for the next time, and keep rescheduling as long as you don’t have a connection.

If none of these possibilities are the case, please contact us.

I'm getting a error message on the app's homepage

If the message looks similar to this:

Cloud backup error: SocketException: OS Error: Bad file descriptor, errno = 9, address =, port = 57848

or this:

Cloud backup error: SocketException: OS Error: Operation timed out, errno = 60, address =, port = 58867

Those are temporary errors that sometimes happen when talking to the remote server (e.g. the device is connected to the internet but the connection is poor at the moment), and they resolve themselves the next time the app tries to communicate with the server. Unless they keep happening all the time, you can ignore them. We’re going to tweak the app in the next release to handle those messages a little better.

If you’re getting different errors, please contact support. It’s a good idea to take screenshots so we can look at them.


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