Hello again! Best Farrier app version 1.8.3 is now available for downloading. Use the buttons below or tap on the update message directly in the app’s home screen to install the latest version of the app.

For this version, we added a couple of user-suggested features and a required change from Apple to the app, and also fixed a small bug.

Landscape mode for tablet

Good news for those of you using tablets: the Best Farrier now supports landscape mode when it’s running on a tablet. That’s very convenient if you want to use those tablet covers that have a wireless keyboard built in. Just flip the tablet sideways and the app will adjust itself.

Recurring appointments

A lot of people requested the ability to create some kind of recurring appointments, so here it is: now you can create multiple copies of an appointment at a desired weekly interval, so you can schedule appointments for a client for a year or even more ahead of time.

To create the appointments, tap on the appointment you want to copy to view its details, then tap on the menu on the top right and pick “Recurring”. You will be asked for a number of appointments and a weekly interval.


The original appointments and the copied appointments will show the copy icon (⧉) on the schedule screen and detail view, so you can tell they are part of a chain of recurring appointments. The last appointment will not show the icon so you can tell that’s the last one (and you can create more copies if you want).

One important thing to note is that each appointment is a separate, independent copy of the original. That means that if you change the original appointment (for example, by adding or removing a horse), that doesn’t affect the other copies. If a horse is removed from your list, you will have to edit each subsequent appointment separately to remove it. The same is valid when deleting appointments, each copy is independent.

Account deletion

You can now completely delete your Best Farrier account if you don’t want us to retain any of your information anymore. That means deleting your user information AND your app data, which in turn means you won’t be able to use the app anymore.

Our philosophy has always been that your data belongs to you and we shouldn’t lock it behind a subscription. That’s why Best Farrier works even if you stop your subscription, and lets you visualize any data you entered in the app. You can’t change anything without an active subscription, but you don’t lose any of the work you did while using the app, and can still print reports or export the data, as long as your account exists.

Deleting your account stops you from continuing to use the app, because your account and all your data will be gone. But, as we said, your data belongs to you so if you don’t want us to keep it, we’ll gladly comply.

You can delete your account by logging into the My Account page or via the Settings page in the app.

Fix: reactivated contacts don’t show the [unassigned] horse option

If you marked a contact as “inactive” and later re-activated them, the [unassigned] option on the horse list wasn’t showing on the schedule or invoice screens anymore. That has been fixed so it won’t happen from now on, but if you have any contacts already in that situation, you can get the [unassigned] option back by doing the following:

  1. Mark the contact as “inactive” on the contact detail screen (all their horses will be marked as “inactive” as well)
  2. Mark the contact as “active” again
  3. Mark any of their horses that should be active as “active” again

After that, the [unassigned] horse option should be available again.

And these are all the changes for this version. As always, if you have questions or comments, please contact us, or visit our support area.

If you are not a Best Farrier app subscriber yet, you can start your free trial now to see if the Best Farrier app is the right fit for you.

Mauro Reis
Farrier and Best Farrier app developer

Photo by Daniel Cañibano on Unsplash

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